Four Reason to Pledge

Here are four reasons to take -- and keep -- the pledge in the Scoop the Poop Challenge. 

Reason #1: It's the law!

Just like that. It's quick, it's easy, it's the right thing to do... and it's the law!
Scoop The Poop Challenge

Reason #2: Your Neighbors Won't Blame You for This

Need we say more?

Reason #3: You'll Prevent This in Your Yard

Here's the simplest way we can put this: Cows eat grass, so their manure is good fertilizer for grass. Dogs and cats eat meat, so their manure poisons your grass. And attracts flies, too. 

Reason #4: You'll Help Prevent This in Carroll Creek


Question: Why does pet waste slowly break down and disappears from your yard? Answer: The rain is washing it, bit by bit, into the nearest creek. 

Question: Why is Carroll Creek sometimes covered with nasty green muck? 
Answer: The water has too many nutrients that come from our city streets, yards and roads – like pet waste and fertilizer.